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Did you know that there are health benefits of owning a hot tub?

It is not just about pleasure, although it IS that too!

Regular soaks in a hot tub can:

Improve Sleep

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Aid in Respiratory Health

Reduce Arthritic & Chronic Pain

Lower Blood Sugar

Lower Blood Pressure

Increase Circulation

Promote Healthier, Younger Looking Skin

Soothe Sore Joints & Muscles

Decrease Frequency of Headaches

At Blue Oasis, you can find hot tubs made by:

Hot Springs

Fantasy Spas

Our hot tubs have the option of financing through Wells Fargo. The application process is handled in house, and after the application is filled out, takes only minutes for approval. If you are interested in financing your new hot tub, please call to make sure that our financing team is available to handle your application.

We provide all warranty service for all hot tubs sold by us with in-house professionals. To top that off, we will provide support to you the entire way. We offer complete water analysis in-store, which takes 90 seconds. We then coach you on all chemical adjustments that may need to be done.

Before delivery of your hot tub, you can expect for our professionals to come out for a site visit. At that time, we will ensure that you are prepared for your new hot tub, and we can be sure that the delivery process runs as smoothly as possible.

Our aim is to have you relaxing in your new hot tub in no time at all!

If you have any questions on what hot tub may be the best match for you, please call and make an appointment with Amanda, at 540-667-3108. We will walk you through the different model options, and be sure to point you in the direction to what will suit you, based on YOUR needs.

To take a sneak peak at our options before your visit, please see the links below. Please inquire at Blue Oasis for pricing.

Hot Springs

Fantasy Spas